WhatsApp will finally make joining a group call easier with Joinable Calls

WhatsApp is home to a new feature. Today, it is adding a new feature that will make changes to its calling department and make calls on the platform much easier. As expected previously, it will now let people become a part of a group call in the middle of it. Also Read – Explained: Why did WhatsApp ban my account?

The feature called Joinable Calls will allow you to easily join a group call that you missed, something which wasn’t available up until now. Here’s how it will work. Also Read – WhatsApp tests encrypted cloud backups to make your chats even more secure

Now join a WhatsApp call that you missed

If you get a group audio or video call on WhatsApp and you miss it, you won’t have to manually join it or ask someone else to add to it. You can see the call in the calls tab and join it (provided it’s still going on) with a single tap. No more hassle. Also Read – WhatsApp said it banned more than 20 lakh Indian accounts in a month

WhatsApp has also added a new call info screen that will show who all are a part of the call and even the ones who aren’t but were invited.

This feature will also prove helpful in situations when you choose to ignore a call deliberately. You can tap on the Ignore option and join it later via the calls tab.

As is the case with messages on the platform, these calls will be end-to-end encrypted, hence, your safety and privacy are expected to be in safe hands.

The new feature, which was previously spotted on WhatsApp’s beta version, will be accessible for users, starting today.

In case you don’t know this, making a WhatsApp call is pretty easy. If you are doing it via a group, head to a particular group > tap on the audio call or video call icon > and you are good to go. A similar method can be followed for individual chats too.

In case you want manually conduct a single or group call, you can also go to the calls tab, select the new call icon, choose the person(s) you want to add to the call, and you are good to go.

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