WhatsApp: Update brings new functions for iPhone users

Anyone who receives a photo or video via WhatsApp is often amazed at first glance at the not very meaningful motif. Often only blue sky and sometimes a few treetops can be seen in the images displayed in the chat history. Only when the user taps the respective content and unfolds it to full size does it become apparent that there are also faces or even entire people on the snapshot. The problem: The messenger automatically trims photos and videos sent vertically in order to display them in the chat window in a space-saving preview version. He takes no account of the content. If this type of display bothers you, you can now say goodbye to it – provided you have an iPhone.

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Larger media preview and new group rights

WhatsApp has released update 2.21.71 for the application on iOS. This now ensures that images and clips sent in portrait format immediately shine in all their glory on the recipient’s smartphone. This takes up significantly more space in the chat window, but in future you will not have to tap images to view them in full size. If you use WhatsApp regularly for group chats, the latest patch is another innovation. From now on, all group members have the right to change the settings for self-deleting messages. The only exception: the administrator of a group can, if necessary, still specify in the group information that only he can make changes to this setting. The new version of WhatsApp is now available for download in the App Store.

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