Webinar: Privacy Shield stopped – consequences for companies and users

In July, the ECJ overturned the EU-US data protection agreement “Privacy Shield”, which had previously served as a free ticket for the transfer of data to the USA. The EU data protectionists have announced that they will not grant a grace period for the transition. If you don’t react now, you risk high fines and possibly claims for damages.

For many companies this is a disaster when they use public cloud services such as AWS and Azure or US software with telemetry functions such as MS Office. Software as a service à la Zoom or Slack, the use of social media, the use of Google Analytics or the storage of data on cloud storage such as Dropbox and Co. are also problematic.

In the hour and a half live webinar Privacy Shield stopped: Consequences for companies and users Joerg Heidrich, legal advisor and data protection officer at Heise Medien and specialist lawyer for IT law, explains the consequences of the ECJ ruling and shows you ways through the minefield of legal requirements. Your questions are given a lot of space.

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