Web development: Deno 1.15 stabilizes API for URL pattern matching

The Deno team has released version 1.15 of the runtime. It updates the JavaScript engine V8 to version 9.5, stabilizes existing features and brings experimental ones with it. This includes the new flag --compat to automatically set up global Node.js variables such as process as well as providing all built-in modules available in Node.js. The brand new flag is currently with --unstable to be marked.

Version 1.15 brings with it six new crypto APIs with a view to the completion of a Web Crypto API planned by the end of the year, including crypto.subtle.exportKey() for exporting RSA keys in spki format. Deno 1.15 also stabilizes the APIs Deno.kill, Deno.Process.kill and Deno.resolveDns, which are therefore no --unstable-Flag need more.

In line with the release of Chrome 95, the API introduced in the last release applies URLPattern to match URLs or parts of them against a pattern as stable. The upcoming Deno release is supposed to Deno.signal() stabilize.

Deno 1.15 contains the JavaScript engine V8 in version 9.5. Among other things, it provides the JavaScript API Intl.DisplayNames v2 with the two new types calendar and dateTimeField for customizing the display names of calendar types and date-time fields. An example shows the V8 blog:

const esCalendarNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['es'], { type: 'calendar' });
const frDateTimeFieldNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['fr'], { type: 'dateTimeField' });
esCalendarNames.of('roc');  // "calendario de la República de China"
frDateTimeFieldNames.of('month'); // "mois"

Other innovations in Deno 1.15 include an experimental API for the Deno testing framework and a --watchFlag in deno lint. The latter is intended to maintain the process after the output of diagnostics and to update diagnostics after file changes.

All details about Deno 1.15 offer the release notes.


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