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Stewart also highlights what she learned from Clea DuVall that she wants to bring to her own features as director.

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis were both attached to Happiest Season for a full year before the film went into production. Having seen the movie now, it’s a good thing they were able to hold out for that green light because I can’t imagine anyone else in those lead roles. Stewart and Davis play Abby and Harper, respectively. They’re in a loving relationship, but that connection is put to the test when the holidays roll around. Harper invites Abby to go home with her for Christmas, but it isn’t until they’re on their way there that Harper reveals that she isn’t out to her family just yet, putting Abby in a mighty complicated position.

Happiest Season is an utter delight and if you need more convincing before watching it on Hulu on November 26th, just click here to check out Matt Goldberg’s review. With the movie’s release right around the corner, I got the chance to chat with the cast of the film including Stewart and Davis who walked me through what went down during that waiting period and highlighted what they appreciated most about each other so much as scene partners. On top of that, Stewart also spoke a bit about what she learned from director Clea DuVall that she hopes to bring to her own feature directorial debut:

“I really love how Clea works. I feel so invited and welcome to indulge in the process in every way that even can be annoying. I felt sort of free to annoy Clea because I knew we were friends and even though we would be so emotionally impacted by every day – when you do something you really care about, it’s kind of really nice to know that when you work with the right people, kind of [like] Mackenzie just said, is that you are really free to sprawl and mess up and do the right thing and the wrong thing and find the weird combination of whatever the movie ends up being out of that. That’s how I wanna work. I really, really loved making this movie with these people and Clea made the perfect group of people for us to really thrive.”

You can check out the full chat with Stewart and Davis in the video at the top of this article! And if you’re looking for more Happiest Season conversations, stay tuned because we have interviews with DuVall, Mary Holland, Mary Steenburgen and Alison Brie coming your way soon.

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Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis:

  • Stewart discusses what it was like waiting to see who was cast opposite her in the movie.
  • Stewart and Davis signed on and then waited a year to go into production; was there ever a concern that things might fall apart?
  • Davis highlights something Stewart did on set that she really appreciated.
  • What Stewart learned from DuVall that she hopes to bring to her own feature directorial debut.

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