Warning: do not open fake package SMS – details here

Spam in the e-mail account is unfortunately nothing special, but spam as SMS on mobile phones is rather rare. The recipients are therefore all the more unsure whether there is something to it after all. Currently, a lot of German messages get on their mobile phones that a package is on the way. Behind this is the same scam as with e-mail spam: Internet criminals want your data.

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SMS spam: Fake packet notification

“Your order is on the way. Click on the following link to open the shipment tracking.” SMS messages that countless German cell phone owners are currently receiving sound like this or something similar. The senders want to lure the recipients to websites where they can access log-in information or distribute malware. If you receive such a message, delete it directly and don’t click the link. You can recognize the spam very easily by the URL. It does not belong to DHL or any other parcel delivery company, but forwards to cryptic sites. Just ignore the message, there is no package on the way. If you did open the page, scan your phone for malware. And if you have also entered login data there, change them as soon as possible.

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