Vodafone GigaKombi: Unlimited for loyal customers

Thanks to GigaKombi, Vodafone customers secure attractive bonuses.

Hinter Vodafone’s GigaKombi is a simple and well-known marketing idea based on the principle of “take 2, pay 1”. Who in addition to the landline connection (Vodafone Kabel) concludes a mobile phone contract with Vodafone (Vodefone Red), secures a price advantage. On November 3, 2020, the provider is upgrading its mobile phone tariffs with a term and at the same time drilling up GigaKombi.

Vodafone GigaKombi: This is new

Vodafone GigaKombi in detail © Vodafone

From the Red-M tariff there is unlimited data volume via GigaKombi.

The most important innovation concerns the GigaKombi Unlimited offer. Whether as a new or existing customer: Anyone who opts for one of the new Red tariffs from Red M or higher on the due date can surf without data limit. The data volume is only limited in other EU countries: to 23 gigabytes (GB) for the Red M and to 43 GB for the Red L. With the small Red XS and Red S tariffs, Vodafone grants 50 percent extra volume, so 6 and 15 GB respectively Are available, as the graphic above shows. The GigaKombi discount of 10 euros on the mobile phone bill is unaffected by the adjustment.

Vodafone Red XS

4 GB LTE / 5G | Allnet Flat | 29.23 euros basic fee

Vodafone Red S.

15 instead of 8 GB LTE / 5G | Allnet Flat | 38.98 euros basic fee

Vodafone Red M

30 instead of 16 GB LTE / 5G | Allnet Flat | 48.73 euros basic fee

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