Visual Studio Code: TypeFox transfers alternative marketplace to Eclipse


The Eclipse Foundation takes care of the Open VSX Registry with immediate effect. The German start-up company TypeFox developed the alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace and has now handed it over to Eclipse. The foundation positions it as a manufacturer-independent, publicly hosted open source alternative to Microsoft’s offerings.

The main purpose of this is to give developers the opportunity to publish and download extensions for tools that are compatible with the VS Code Extension API. In the announcement, Eclipse CEO Mike Milinkovich emphasizes that while Microsoft’s Marketplace is a great resource, their terms of use however, explicitly only use the extensions for the Microsoft tools Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server and the following Microsoft products.

The Open VSX Registry, on the other hand, should offer extensions for all open source tools that connect the corresponding extensions. In addition to Microsoft’s open source Visual Studio Code, this also includes its fork VSCodium and the development environments Eclipse Theia, Eclipse Che, Coder, SAP Business Application Studio and Gitpod. The latter online IDE also comes from TypeFox and has been under an open source license since August 2020.

Since the Open VSX is developed open-source on GitHub, anyone interested can bring their own additions instead of leaving control to a single company. As a further advantage, Milinkovich emphasizes that the Open VSX Registry can serve as the basis for internal use in the company.

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools working group, which includes Broadcom, EclipseSource, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, SAP and TypeFox, is responsible for managing the registry.

The VSX Registry (left) is similar to Mirosoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace (right).

Anyone wishing to publish extensions must sign an agreement beforehand. An account at is required for this. If you only want to use extensions, you can download them without any further requirements.

Further details can be found see the Eclipse blog. The Open VSX Registry is to be found at Of the Source code for Eclipse Open VSX is available on GitHub ready. General questions answered the FAQ about the VSX registry.


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