UP: Quack beats patient with rod for complaining against treatment; brutal assault caught on camera

A horrific news was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur where a man was ruthlessly beaten with an iron rod by a fake doctor. The video of the incident went viral as the gruesome act was caught on camera. The incident came to light when the victim’s father approached the police for help and filed an FIR against the quack.

As per reports, the victim identified as Ajay Kumar was a patient of the accused identified as Salman. Weeks ago Ajay approached Salman for his ailing skin and in return, the quack promised him that with the medicines he prescribed of worth Rs 5,000 will cure his skin ailments.

However, after a few days, the medicine didn’t show any result and to seek the answer from the quack he went back to the doctor with his cousin. On reaching, Ajay complaint that there was no improvement in his condition. This didn’t go down well with the doctor and then the quack rounded up some goons and thrashed both of them with sticks and iron rod.

On seeing this, locals rushed to their help and took both the brothers to a nearby hospital. Ajay suffered serious injuries while his cousin suffered fractures on his hands and feet.

Police have filed an FIR against the fake doctor and have ordered the manhunt to nab the accused as he is absconding while his associates have also gone underground. Police assure that due to coronavirus lockdown the culprit will have a tough time in escaping from the city or state without being noticed.

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