Trick to add a link to your Instagram stories

Know the trick that allows you to add links to Instagram stories without having 10,000 followers, from IGTV

You see that other people can put links on Instagram stories and that you don’t have that option. You search and rummage, but nothing, do not follow! There is a simple reason: Instagram only allows you to put links in the stories of accounts with 10,000 followers, at least.

It is said that the social network is beginning to open this possibility to other users, even if they do not reach that number, but, for now, they are just rumors and we will have to keep waiting to be able to upload links to your stories with the official Instagram system.

In the meantime, we can do a trick: you already know that social networks abound, such as placing music in your stories if you are one who does not get this option or the trick to know how many people have saved your photos, but in the Today’s news we want to share with you one to insert links in your Instagram stories. You will have to do it through IGTV.

How do I upload a video to IGTV?

Later we will tell you how to insert a link in the video, but for now, we are going to review how to upload a video to IGTV.

In January of the current year, Instagram removed the IGTV button for “lack of use.” Therefore, to upload videos you have to do it directly from the IGTV app. It is done like this:

Download the app.
Touch at the top and touch the square in the lower left to choose the video you want to upload.
Tap ‘Next’.
Select a cover photo or choose ‘Add from roll’ on iPhone or ‘Add from gallery on Android. Click on ‘Next’.
Add a title and description.
If you want to add a video to an IGTV series, tap ‘Add to series’. If it is the first time that you create a series you will have to give it a name.

You can post a preview of the video in the news section and on your profile or share the video on a Facebook page. Click on ‘Post’.

The preview, by default, will be the first 15 seconds of your video, if you have chosen to publish a preview, you can tap ‘Edit profile cover’ to adjust the appearance of the IGTV cover photo in your profile grid .

You can also tap ‘Edit Preview’ to adjust the preview of IGTV video in the news (you will only see this option if your video has a 9:16 aspect ratio, if the ratio is 16: 9, the video will be displayed in full).

How to put a link in your stories?

Now yes, here is the simple trick to put links in Instagram stories.

The description of the videos allows you to put links, therefore, you have to put in the title part, for example, “Click here” and in the description you include the link.

Later you publish a story and put a link to IGTV, something that you will achieve by touching the link icon that appears at the top.

A good option to put links in Instagram stories (at least until you reach 10,000 followers) is to create a generic video and always use it as a template.

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