Top 10 best keyboard apps for Android in Year 2020

PC: Pleksy

The most immersive Android keyboards offer perfect hype to customer experience. Its impeccable customization level is one of the reasons that users prefer it over other mobile OS. Though Android devices come preloaded with keyboards these pre-installed keyboards look monotonous in terms of themes and looks. So, there’s no harm in opting for a new and the best keyboard apps for Android having all the qualities to keep you updated!

Here we have collated top 10 Android keyboard apps elucidated with all its details and specialties. Hope you will be able to choose the right one! Get best Android keyboard apps here!


AI Type Keyword

AI Type Keyword: best android keyboards
PC: AI Type Keyword

People can easily get fooled up with the age of this keyboard app. Even though it’s the oldest keyboard, you can’t doubt it’s amazing features and efficiency. It’s latest features let you easily manipulate text by using a cursor tracker. AI keyboard has everything& of course, more than what just a basic keyboard can provide you.

Claim to Fame:

  • You get hundreds of themes to enhance customization.
  • Auto-complete, emojis, keyboard customization, built-in calculator, predictions you have all.
  • You can resize the keyboard easily and even create your visual themes, add own custom keys, customize the bottom row of keys.

It’s surely a solid option to go with that comes up with a plethora of options. Its free version stays for just 18 days and after that, you need to go for a premium version by paying the price of $3.99. However, if you want to stay on its free version then you can do so but some of its features will vanish.


Our next pick is Fleksy which is surely a great option for pecking typists. This stylish keyboard is becoming the top pick of many users. It’s stylish themes alluring the users to the core. Though you wouldn’t find it smart enough in terms of prediction features (as you find in SwiftKey or Gboard), it’s privacy feature can surely make you feel great.

Claim to Fame:

  • It includes web search options besides gesture control, extensions, GIF and meme support.
  • It features different swipes to perform varied actions such as bringing up an emoji or even to delete a word, you need not tap, instead, use its swipe!
  • You can plug into Spotify, YouTube or Yelp or other apps to share your stuff directly to your friends.

Some of its themes are for free, though some cost money too. But that is not too expensive and the users can afford it easily.


This predictable text keyboard is good to go as it suggests the next words to use by learning as you use and type varied words. By using AI it gets all rights to learn automatically, which helps in the next word prediction. In short, it learns the writing pattern that the user uses over time and adapts it quickly for better outcomes.

Claim to Fame:

  • It provides layout customizations and glides typing.
  • Autocorrecting feature makes you inerrant all the time.
  • It’s absolutely free to bestow you with an efficient typing experience.

It can scan text messages, emails, etc. to learn your typing style (you need to log-in to Microsoft account for this). Though if you don’t feel comfortable sharing such details, then you can go with another keyboard.


One of our top picks is the obvious option- Gboard, which is usually inbuilt in smartphones. If not, then you should surely try it once. The glide-based typing of Gboard uses impressive AI for voice recognition, text predictions, and GIF suggestions. This easy to use a keyboard can be customized easily for better use.

Claim to Fame:

  • It includes a dictionary and easy access to GIFs
  • Its sticker packs include Disney Sticker collections
  • It also includes Google translate feature

Consistently, Google adds on several exciting features to give a smoother and better experience to its users. Its user interface is quite intuitive, easy and responsive too.  The Material Black option in themes makes it more amazing in use.

Recently Gboard has extended support to Punjabi, Macedonian and Mongolian voice dictation.

FancyKey Keyboard

Looking for an option to customize your keyboard? Then FancyKey would best suit your requirements. The theme store of this keyboard is quite impressive. With a profusion of themes and typing sound effects, this keyboard also keeps its place intact in top Android keyboards options.

Claim to Fame!

  • Customize color, key shape, shadow, sound, background, & typing effect
  • Word prediction and autocorrect input
  • Cool & customized font

Though autocorrect feature and word prediction is not so good as the SwiftKey keyboard, it’s functionality is quite well.


You will definitely go for this one after getting its incessant features and specialties. Touchpal keyboard is known for hassle-free typing. Even besides its amazing features, you would get so much extra stuff like games, news, and all, which sometimes make it congested to the users.

Claim to Fame:

  • Glide typing, text predictions, keyboard customization, native keyboard, contact suggestions, and varied themes are available for the users.
  • The coolest ‘Wave’ typing feature suggests the users’ next words as he/she types.
  • Despite the phone model you have, it adds AR Emojis and GIF creations and once you type a relevant keyboard, you’re headed towards specific GIF or emoji.

Touchpal app comes for free, though you can enjoy it’s paid versions too. The only annoying aspect is unlimited ads that come with its free version.


If you were looking for a mistake-free, sentence constructor keyboard, then Grammarly is surely an option to go with. It checks the grammar before you send it to your friends or other parties. It helps you save from an adverse impact on your business or professional life.

Claim to Fame:

  • Mistake free sentence creation benefits professional associations.
  • The aesthetically pleasant visual design of the app, with the mint-green color theme
  • Dark theme option is available for a more classy look

It is best for those, who type a lot on smartphones. As it’s new, so many developments can be expected in this keyboard. Even it explains the corrections in case you want to learn more. It’s entirely free to use.

Chrooma Keyboard

The last but not the least, our next pick is Chrooma keyboard. Gboard and Chrooma keyboards are like two peas in a pod, though Chrooma has many more features. It suggests numbers, punctuations, emojis, and many more. This smart keyboard doesn’t let you feel bored at any moment and for that, modify theme colors by adapting the app’s color that you visit, like, green for Spotify, blue for Twitter, yellow for Google Keep, etc.

Claim to Fame:

  • Autocorrect, keyboard resizing, especially swipe typing that helps you removing short text and chunks easily
  • Several customization options available for better use
  • The keyboard comes with a night mode option too for a better experience and putting less strain on users’ eyes

It is one among the best android keyboards with emoji. Its premium version helps you do sync settings between devices and fill up your fancies of having varied keyboard size, style and font.

Go Keyboard

For a smooth typing experience, Go Keyboard is a good option to pick. It features over 10000 colored themes to spark up your experience and give a more personalized touch. You get customization front in this keyboard option.

Claim to Fame!

  • Biggest side-splitting GIFs library
  • A huge pack of 800 stickers, emoticons, and emoji
  • Voice inputs let you type whatever you speak

It makes your typing super-easy by detecting mistakes or mistyping and suggests your corrections at a moment’s notice.

Swype Keyboard

Swype keyboard is known for swipe typing. You can easily customize this keyboard as it provides you an abundance of options like changing vibration duration, height, long-press delay besides several themes.

Claim to Fame!

  • Featuring varied cool gestures
  • Voice dictation for ease of messaging
  • Swype lets you restore the personal dictionary

It keeps you updated by adding hot words from users and the latest slangs. Its premium version brings more themes and extraordinary features.

So, we have headed towards the end now, and hopefully, you can now make a smart choice by knowing the specialties of each of the top and best keyboard apps. Expectantly your attention and time didn’t go waste by going through our suggestions! In case of any query, comment us below!

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