Tokyo: public toilets are now see-through

F.For Europeans, Japanese customs and practices are sometimes a bit strange. At first glance, the situation is similar with the new toilet houses that are being built all over the Japanese capital Tokyo. Under the motto “The Tokyo Toilet“16 artists are working on creative implementations of breastfeeding and some of them are even transparent! The initiators write on their website:” Toilets are a symbol of Japan’s world-famous hospitality. “But is a clear view of business really desirable?

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Killing two birds with one stone

Of course, the panes do not remain permanently transparent. As soon as a guest visits the locus and locks the cabin, the windows become opaque. So you neither look at other people on the street nor have passers-by insights that both parties do not want to have. But then why all the effort? In fact, the jar is supposed to provide information about the state of the toilet. Is everything clean and usable? You can see that here without even opening the door. The houses are also mainly in parks and thus light up the surroundings at night. And apart from all the useful aspects: Thanks to the various artists, the structures look simply chic. Five of the 17 planned facilities are already in place, including in Tokyo’s famous shopping and nightlife district Shibuya.

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