This Apple Watch 3 deal sees the smartwatch down to its lowest ever price on Amazon

For anyone looking to get a cheap smartwatch deal or a cheap Apple deal right now, then this is a cracker. Amazon are selling the excellent Apple Watch Series 3 – the GPS variant – for its lowest ever price right now. The 38mm is the one that’s probably most tempting at $169, but the larger 42mm is reduced too, now going for $199. These are excellent prices on a quality product that still holds its value incredibly well.

The Apple Watch 3 is a great bit of kit that still stands well on its own in 2020. Not only can you play games – such as Runeblade, Lifeline, and Tinny Armies – on the Apple Watch 3, but this smartwatch is capable of running a whole host of health-focused apps so you can look after yourself better. These include a continuous heart-rate monitor, calorie counter, and one that simply monitors your activity. Basically, there’s a lot of value in these Apple Watch deals.

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