The Truffle Hunters Trailer Reveals Documentary About Gourmet Fungus

Sony Pictures Classics just released a trailer for the upcoming documentary The Truffle Hunters, about the age-old tradition of using trained dogs to track down the coveted delicacy. Directed by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, the film follows a group of truffle hunters in Piedmont, Italy combing the countryside for the Alba truffle, an especially elusive species of the gourmet fungus.

Even for someone like me who knows almost nothing about the culture of truffle hunting, the trailer was quietly captivating. It tracks the journey of the truffle as it is harvested from the ground by salt-of-the-earth men and their teams of dogs, graded by experts for its gourmet qualities, delivered to kitchens to be prepared with precision and care, and finally served to diners with expectant taste buds. There’s a sense of joy exuding from almost every frame, which is a quality that has only grown more appealing as of late. The Truffle Hunters premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and has since been included in the official selection for the Cannes Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and New York Film Festival.

Here’s the official synopsis:

THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS follows a handful of men, seventy to eighty years young, in Piedmont, Italy, on the search for the elusive Alba truffle. They’re guided by a secret culture passed down through generations, as well as by the noses of their cherished and expertly trained dogs. The documentary subtly explores the devastating effects of climate change and deforestation on an age-old tradition through a visually stunning narrative that celebrates life and exalts the human spirit.

You can watch the trailer below. The Truffle Hunters is scheduled to open in New York and Los Angeles on December 25. For more new trailers, check out the first full-length reveal of Dune.

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