The delivery: ZDF catches up with YouTube star Fynn Kliemann

ZDFneo as the innovation platform of the Second German Television (ZDF) is once again working on new productions. At “The delivery“The sixth candidate is now the musician, YouTube star and busy do-it-yourselfer Fynn Kliemann, who at the beginning of the corona pandemic, for example, tried to find cheap breathing masks for fans. At the new show, Kliemann can now unpack all his manual skills to daily to create new curiosities.

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The delivery brings creatives to the limit

This is what “Die Liefer” is all about: a total of six creative people live together for five days in the community of Uhlstädt-Kirchhasel (Thuringia) on an estate. In addition to Fynn Kliemann, there are other so-called “do-it-yourself experts”, including Kliemann’s buddy Brian Jakubowski, professional parkour runner and athlete Silke Sollfrank and Olympic snowboarder Silvia Mittermüller. So that the format does not degenerate into a kind of “Big Brother”, the candidates receive a truck delivery every morning with a wide variety of things: components, engines and “other absurdities”. Then the group has a total of eight hours to create something from the material. Whether the result is a delight in the end or belongs in the garbage can is decided by the physicist Dr. Kerstin Göpfrich, who has worked for Spectrum of Science and the Huffington Post, among others. Filming has already started under strict hygiene and quarantine measures, but unfortunately a broadcast date has not yet been set due to the current situation.

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