The best accessories for Oneplus Nord

Headphones, covers, screen protectors and more: we show which products are particularly worthwhile for the Oneplus Nord.

It’s one of the best mid-range smartphones this year. It was not for nothing that the Oneplus Nord (test report) came in second in our top 10: The best smartphones up to 500 euros. Almost 13 hours of battery life, 6.4-inch OLED display and 12 GB of RAM speak for themselves – and that for just under 400 euros.

But if you buy a smartphone, you probably want to protect it too. And one or the other accessories such as a power bank, headphones or charging station are also included. We show which accessories Oneplus and third-party suppliers have in their portfolio.

The original cases to Oneplus Nord are priced between 15 and 30 euros. A total of three models are available. The cheapest Clear Bumper Case is a transparent silicone case that encloses the back and frame. For 5 euros more, the Sandstone Bumper Case with a slightly roughened surface in black or turquoise changes hands. Three more covers with motifs by artists cost 30 euros. All models are sold exclusively through the Oneplus online shop.

Clear cheaper protective covers come from third parties. It starts at a good 8 euros, plus shipping costs of 4 euros. You can choose from folding cases with a transparent front or made entirely of synthetic leather, as well as simple covers for the back in various colors.

If you want to protect your display and camera from scratches and quirks, you should Armored glass films to grab. Two pieces start at 6 euros. Tempered glass film for the display and camera or a bundle with a shockproof cover costs 11 or 12 euros.

Offer a secure hold Handles from Artwizz, Popsockets or Speck. When retracted, the small sockets of Popsockets protrude about 7 mm from the housing, when extended almost 25. They serve as a stand for watching videos or a stable grip for the hand. In our experience, you get used to the Popsockets very quickly, which give you a certain feeling of security when you hold your smartphone. Most Popsockets have an interchangeable design. Car and wall brackets are available as accessories. In the picture gallery we show Popsockets with mirrors, Swarovski, Marvel motifs, Pop Art and many more.

Popsockets on the left, Artwizz Phonestap in the middle, Spreck Grabtab on the right. There is a large selection of holding aids for smartphones.

Alternatively, Artwizz offers the so-called Phonestraps. The almost 10 mm wide tapes stick around the back of the cover. They also offer a secure hold, but unlike the Popsockets, they are hardly bulky. The Speck Grabtabs, the size of a credit card, hardly protrude from the case at around 3 mm. Users can put a finger into the extendable loop and grab the smartphone safely. However, the loop no longer retracts properly after a short period of use and then always sticks out a bit.

The battery of the Oneplus Nord provides 11 hours of runtime with 4115 mAh. Once the juice is gone, the quick charging cable supplied supplies the smartphone with a 70 percent charge again within 30 minutes.

There is no wireless charging at the Nord. In return, you can get very cheap wired docks with USB-C connections from 10 euros. In case of doubt, they charge less quickly than the original accessories, but they serve as a stand – for example on the bedside table or at the workplace. There are also some docking stations with additional USB hubs. They not only supply the smartphone with power, but also other accessories such as headphones and power banks.

The same applies to power banks as to power supply units: Buyers should pay attention to the stated Power Delivery, or PD for short. PD power banks charge the Oneplus Nord much faster, provided the right cable is used.

Alternatively, there are power banks with a solar module. Complete charging via solar power is not possible, but in the best case, the modules extend the available charge. Such solutions with solar modules also cost no more than their non-solar counterparts. In addition, in most cases they are protected against water, dust and falls.

In the article: Power banks and backpacks with solar cells, we took a closer look at the Xlayer Powerbank Plus Solar 20000 and Easyacc Rugged Powerbank 20000 models. Both models offer a capacity of 74 watt hours (20,000 mAh) and are suitable for a good four charges of the Oneplus Nord.

The Oneplus Nord does not have a jack input. So the user has to use Bluetooth headphones or a USB-C to jack adapter. Cheap and usable wireless headphones start at 17 euros. Our article shows what they can do in detail: The cheapest TWS headphones.

Apleok AMZ0014

Apleok AMZ0014 review
Rating: Grade 5
Current street price: currently not available

(Image: Techstage)

Cordless models without silicone are slightly more expensive. It starts at 27 euros, for example with the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2. Oneplus has also recently launched its own TWS In-Ears, the Oneplus Buds. They are tonally balanced and even waterproof according to the IPX4 standard. They are offered by various dealers for a good 90 euros.

The north currently costs around 400 euros. If you buy a smartphone without a contract, you still need a SIM card. In the article: Monthly cancellable mobile phone tariffs from 3 GByte we show what is available up to 10 euros. From 11 euros there are even more GBytes as our article shows: Monthly cancellable tariffs up to 20 euros. Anyone who travels to regions where the O2 network is pronounced is currently getting the best deals.

The Drillisch brands Winsim and Premiumsim currently sell the LTE All 20 GB or LTE 4XL tariff for 19.99 euros. It includes an SMS and telephony flat rate as well as a maximum download rate of 50 Mbit / s. The one-time deployment price is 20 euros. The provider pays 6.82 euros to the customer account if the user takes the number with them. At Drillisch, there is one downer: all tariffs come with automatic data. If you use up your 20 GB within a month, Drillisch will add 300 MB to the account up to three times – for € 2 each.

Whoever prefers the D-Netz gets for 14 euros a month an LTE Allnet Flat from Freenet-Mobile with 8 GByte (max. 21.6 Mbit / s). The tariff is in the network of Vodafone or Telekom. Freenet charges 30 euros for the connection price, and the user can take the number with them free of charge.

4 GB of data volume and D-Netz are available in the LTE Allnet Flat from Freenet Mobile for 10 euros a month. The tariff offers a maximum of 21.6 Mbit / s for download – depending on the location at Vodafone or Telekom. Flat-rate calls and SMS are included. There is no connection charge.

“Great technology at a comparatively low price” – that’s the conclusion in the test report for the Oneplus Nord. Anyone who gets the smartphone will also have no worries for three years. The manufacturer guarantees security updates for this period. With the appropriate accessories, you can also ensure that the smartphone will last as long.



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