#TGIQF – The quiz about the cult classic Tetris

Tetris is considered one of the cult games par excellence: The puzzle-like mind game in which you have to rotate and move geometric shapes so that the majority of them fill at least one line, has achieved absolute cult status, especially as a supplement to the Gameboy. It has now appeared in various versions for different systems and has already cast a spell over generations of young people and prevented them from doing their homework.

Did you recently pack your car for vacation and hum the Tetris melody? Do you remember vividly that the only time the four-bar did not appear if all the lines were specially prepared for it? Then today’s quiz is just right for you!
Puzzle with!

The watch is relentless in the fight for the right answers, but as always rewards quick decisions with more points. In total, you can score up to 220 points in 11 questions. Please keep the correct answers to yourself, so that the others can also enjoy the puzzle. You can, however, like to post your score, praise or criticism in the forum as usual Twitter and up Facebook share under #tgiqf. In addition, it is always worthwhile to join us Instagram to visit.

Thanks for all the quiz tips from the community so far! As always, the quiz master is happy to receive an email if you have an idea for a great quiz.


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