Telekom: prepaid annual tariff with 5G for 100 euros

From mid-September, Telekom will be offering a new prepaid tariff that includes a full year of mobile communications including 5G for just under 100 euros. 2 GB of data volume and 200 minutes for phone calls are included for each month; Connections to the Telekom cellular network are free. The “MagentaMobil Prepaid 5G annual tariff” also includes a flat rate for Telekom’s WLAN hotspots.

The company announced that the new annual rate can be booked from September 15. With the currently lower VAT rate, the tariff costs 97.43 euros for a whole year. When the federal government’s economic stimulus package expires and full VAT is charged again, Telekom will charge EUR 99.95 for the annual tariff. The tariff is automatically extended after one year, but can then only be used again if there is sufficient credit.

In contrast to the other prepaid tariffs, which charge every four weeks, the inclusive packages of the 5G annual tariff are valid for a full month. In EU countries and Switzerland, the tariff can be used like at home. If the data volume is used up, users can book the usual SpeedOn packages (between 5 and 20 euros) or a daily flat rate (5.80 euros, unlimited volume for 24 hours). When the minutes are used up, you can continue to call for 9 cents per minute. SMS generally cost 9 cents.

Telekom also enables access to 5G networks for other prepaid tariffs, as the option costs 3 euros per month after a free period. Telekom is not only expanding 5G to the frequencies acquired for 5G at 3.6 GHz, but also to 2.1 GHz in particular. However, by no means all “5G” smartphones can use it to establish connections with 5G – the first generation of 5G-compatible Samsung flagships, for example, can only use 5G at 3.6 GHz.

Even with the inclusive volume, the prepaid tariffs are not just in the 5G age for Telekom. With the much higher throughput of the new generation of cellular networks, new, data-hungry use cases will emerge, in which 2 GByte should prove to be a noticeable limitation. Even a ridiculous speed test in the 5G network can “eat up” more than 1 GByte.


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