Hear About the Latest News on Online Game to Change Accessibility Attitudes, Google Doodle Honors Jerry Lawson, and Student Video Game Wins International Award

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about a team of Dal computer science students creating a new online game with the goal of educating the university community about (dis)abilities and reducing associated stigmas. Meanwhile, if you visit the Google homepage last Thursday, you’re in for a special treat: A set of create-your-own video games […]

Hear About the Latest News on Tiktok’s Gaming Channel Launches, Crosswords Beat Video Games at Slowing Memory Loss, and Philips Announces  New PC Gaming Brand Evnia

In today’s pc gaming news, learn more about TikTok is making a significant push into the gaming industry by introducing a specialized tab within the site that hosts short-form videos. This marks the company’s first foray into a different kind of entertainment format. Meanwhile, Crossword puzzles are better than video games for memory in older […]

Read About the Latest News on Asus New Dual-Chamber Computer Case, Microsoft Races Sony for Chinese Gaming Hits, and Riot Fixes ‘pay-to-lose’ Valorant Gun Skin

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about ASUS has introduced the TUF Gaming GT502 computer gaming case, which has twin chambers, tempered panoramic glass, and space for up to thirteen fans. Meanwhile, Microsoft Corp. is stockpiling Chinese video game content in an effort to replicate Sony Group Corp.’s success with “Genshin Impact,” according to […]

Read About the Latest News on EA Cancelled Plants Vs. Zombies Single-player, EVGA Won’t Make Nvidia Video Cards, and Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about EA Plants vs. Zombies single-player spin-off was terminated through no fault of its own so that the developers may be reassigned to the Visceral-begun single-player Star Wars action-adventure, which was also canceled in 2017. Meanwhile, One of the most prominent manufacturers of Nvidia-based graphics cards will cease […]

Read About the Latest News on Corsair Best Looking Keyboard, CD Projekt Losses and Gains, Kerbal Space Program New Game, and Canceled Dune Game Arrives on Steam

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about Corsair just released one of favorite ultra-thin keyboards. The K100 Air sports a brushed aluminium frame and low-profile keys. This could be the year’s most gorgeous keyboard for PC gaming and typing. Meanwhile, Marcin Iwiski, one of the co-founders of CD Projekt and the person who was […]

Learn More About the Latest News on ROCCAT’s Vulcan II Mini PC Gaming Keyboard is Out, Disco Elysium Alleges Core Devs Left “Involuntarily”, and Red Dead Online’s Top Fan Could Waste Progress on Stadia

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about ROCCAT, a brand of PC gaming industry that has won multiple accolades, has just announced that their brand new Vulcan II Mini Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is now available at select retailers. Meanwhile, Martin Luiga claims that ZA/UM has ceased to exist as a “cultural association,” as opposed […]

Discover the Latest News on The Viral Trombone Champ, Minecraft is Hackers Malware-hiding Game, and, Announcement May Disappoint Suikoden Fans

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about Trombone Champ, a musical computer game, has gained more than 20,000 downloads since last week and went viral in social media. Meanwhile, Security researchers have determined that Minecraft is the game most frequently exploited by hackers, who use it to trick unsuspecting gamers into installing malware. Lastly, […]