T1’s Canna reaches 100 game wins in the LCK

Although many may still consider T1’s top laner Canna a rookie, he already reached his 100th game win after today’s match against Liiv SANDBOX.

Canna’s performance saw a drastic increase recently. He underperformed at the start of the split, and fans expected T1 to bench him in favor of the hyped-up substitute top laner Zeus. Canna bounced back in recent weeks, however, and has been putting on a good show in the LCK. He earned four MVP votes throughout the split and has been a reliable carry or frontline for his team, depending on the meta.

Canna began his professional League of Legends career in May 2019 as a trainee for SKT, T1’s former name. After six months, he was promoted to the starting roster and has been the starting top laner since the 2020 LCK Spring Split. He had a stellar performance during his debut split and won a title alongside his teammates after a 3-0 series over Gen.G in the playoffs. In the Summer Split, the team fell off and was unable to put up a good performance. As a result, T1 missed the 2020 League world championship.

Even though T1 underwent coaching staff changes during the offseason coming into this year, their performance didn’t change that much since the team finished in fourth place during the 2021 LCK Spring Split. While his team is currently in fifth place and will most likely reach playoffs, it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to pick up one of the four spots for the upcoming 2021 League world championship if they don’t improve their performance.

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