Survey: That’s why the landline cannot be killed


At the latest since cheap cell phone tariffs of up to 10 euros have been equipped with all-network flat rates, the classic landline telephone seems to have been deprived of its raison d’être. But does the assumption agree with the actual behavior of the users? The comparison portal Verivox wanted to find out more and commissioned an online survey in which 1,012 people took part.

Network problems with the cell phone

The figures collected are quite exciting – and sometimes unexpected. Or would you have thought that only 40 percent of millennials have finally said goodbye to the traditional telephone connection? One in five young people keeps their stationary phone for the good reason that the cell phone network at home leaves a lot to be desired. Across all age groups, 14 percent of those surveyed named poor cell phone reception as the reason for using a landline. Another interesting fact proves that the smartphone comes and stays first, especially among young people: over a third of landline users under the age of 30 do not know their landline number out of their heads.

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Prices per minute speak for landlines

Another factor that keeps the landline phone alive is cost. Because calls over the classic telephone are usually cheaper – especially compared to minute-based mobile phone tariffs. Calls abroad are also usually cheaper via landline. 43 percent of respondents argue that they continue to use the landline phone because friends and family contact them over the stationary phone – for cost reasons. Without an additional option, an average of 20 cents per minute of conversation is due from the phone to the cell phone. Another advantage of the fixed network is that in the vast majority of cases it is a free component of an Internet connection. A landline flat rate is usually already included.


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