Super-fast SSD: Get the test winner at Media Markt at a bargain price


If your PC takes longer, it’s time for an SSD (Solid State Drive). Whether for work or gaming, additional internal memory enables short loading times and a high working pace. At Media Markt you can get the SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus for a budget price of only 99 euros until September 29, 2021 (11:59 p.m.). The price comparison portal idealo shows that you are around 25 euros ahead of most other providers. But not only the price is great, the SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus also convinced in the COMPUTER BILD test. Among other things, thanks to its fast read and write speeds, the SSD achieved a grade of 1.1 – very good (all prices and information – as of September 24, 2021).
While the Samsung 970 Evo has already set speed records, the plus version of the SSD in M.2 plug-in card format adds another one. The average speed when copying data such as photos and music in the COMPUTER BILD test was 1,059 megabytes per second, while writing it was 1,129 megabytes per second. The continuous transfer rate when reading data achieved a value of 3,409 megabytes per second, when writing 3,212 megabytes per second. This means that the Samsung is not only suitable for professional 4K video and 3D graphics editing, but also for gaming at the highest graphics level. The number of reads and writes (IOPS) is also in the upper range. The variant in the Media Markt offer has 1 terabyte of storage space. You connect the SSD to the PC via PCIe Gen 3.0 x4. Supported operating systems are Windows, Mac and Linux.


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