Stichheiler on sale at Amazon: Inexpensive model from Riemser

Ghe mosquitoes, wasps, hornets and the like are common in summer. When they sting, the pain and itchiness are usually great. Stitch healers promise quick relief. The Riemser Pharma bite away Cobra is currently on sale at Amazon for 23.77 euros. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the price of the Amazon bestseller is within the range of the Internet competition (all prices and information – as of August 14, 2020).

Amazon bestseller: secure stitch healers now!

  • Helps against mosquito, wasp, horsefly and hornet stings
  • Relieves itching, burning, pain and swelling
  • dermatologically tested and chemical-free

Bite away Cobra on offer: The functions

The bite away Cobra from Riemser Pharma takes on the stings and bites of mosquitoes, wasps, horseflies and hornets. The device heats up to around 51 degrees and relieves itching, burning, pain and swelling through thermal heat. According to the manufacturer, the bite away Cobra is dermatologically tested and works without chemicals. It’s that easy: put the pen on the affected area, press the button and the stitch healer gets going. The model then switches off automatically. The heat treatment can be selected between three to five seconds. Two AA batteries are required for operation.

Alternative to the Amazon offer

If the bite away Cobra is sold out quickly on Amazon, you will find other models in the Stichheiler comparison. In addition to the comparison winner bite away Cobra, devices from NCM, Schimer and Bigstar can be found in the list. The table shows you which insect stings and bites the pens work against and how they work.

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