Statistics of the week: Renewable energy systems in the hands of private individuals


Half of the electricity generated in Germany is loud Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE from renewable sources. Wind power alone contributed around 27 percent to electricity generation last year.

But who produces this energy? 11.4 percent of the installed capacity belongs to energy suppliers, and another 14.1 percent to banks and funds. But by far the largest share is one Study by the Renewable Energy Agency (AEE) according to owned by private individuals. But that seems to be changing now. A development that the AEE also sees critically.

“At the beginning of the energy turnaround, it was primarily the citizens of Germany who recognized the economic opportunities of renewable energies. That financially strong investors are now more committed to climate-friendly energy generation is absolutely gratifying Find a place in the progress of the energy transition, because opportunities to participate promote acceptance, ”explains AEE Managing Director Robert Brandt.

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More from MIT Technology Review

More from MIT Technology Review

More from MIT Technology Review

One thing is undisputed: wind and sun help Avoid emissions. This is also made clear by a look at the Statista graphic. According to this, around 180 million tons of CO were generated in 2020 alone2 avoided – tendency rising.


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