Star Wars: Disney brings “real” lightsaber

Re-enact the battles of Luke Skywalker & Co. with a real lightsaber. Star Wars nerds can soon make this dream come true.

Unter the name “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” is currently being created in the Walt Disney World Orlando an immersive experience hotel due to open in 2022. Disney is now giving its first glimpses of a real lightsaber that visitors to the hotel will be able to buy on site in the future. In the video, the lightsaber looks pretty cool. As in the films, the luminous blade seems to move out of a handle that is very similar to that of the toy version at the push of a button.

Star Wars: technology and price of the lightsaber

Disney did not reveal anything about the technical details. But thinkers from the Internet want to have figured out how it works on the basis of Disney’s patent applications: According to this, the “blade” should slide out of the handle like a motorized tape and be wrapped in a plastic film. Inside could be an LED coil that rounds off the look of the lightsaber. According to Disney, the fan article is still in the works, but the development will be finished by the hotel opening. Disney has not yet commented on the price. Well then, may the lightsaber be with you.

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