Soundlink Flex: Bose introduces robust Bluetooth speakers

Music often makes life easier. Especially under adverse conditions, the right beat can provide the necessary motivational boost. Manufacturer Bose knows that and is now launching a loudspeaker that should cut a good figure even in the most uncomfortable situations in life. Under the name Soundlink Flex The company is now selling a portable Bluetooth speaker that is particularly tough thanks to its robust construction and water protection according to the IP67 standard. The device can withstand short dives to a depth of 1 meter and reappears automatically.

The housing is encased in silicone, the speaker cover is made of powder-coated steel. With this mixture, according to the manufacturer, the loudspeaker can even withstand severe falls without being visibly damaged. Rust and solar radiation should also not affect the gadget. At the same time, Bose promises the best sound performance that a Bluetooth speaker of this size can deliver. The 20×5.3×9.1 centimeter device is equipped with the so-called Bose PositionIQ technology and should automatically recognize its orientation.

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Sound automatically adapts to position

Regardless of whether you lay the speaker on its back, position it upright or hang it vertically on a hook using the integrated loops, it automatically adapts its sound to the respective position. According to Bose, the built-in battery delivers up to twelve hours of music enjoyment. The speaker remembers up to eight Bluetooth connections and can switch between several audio sources within seconds. If you wish, you can use the device as a hands-free device for phone calls or give commands to the voice assistant on your smartphone.

If you couple two copies of the Soundlink Flex together, you can use the speakers either for stereo sound or the so-called party mode. The latter makes it possible to output the same sound source through several loudspeakers at the same time. The Soundlink Flex can also be connected to other speakers and soundbars from the manufacturer. The Bose Soundlink Flex is now available in the US for $ 149. Price and date for Germany are not known.

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