Snapchat is getting an all new navigation alongside new features for the Snap Map and Stories. At Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat is announcing an all new Action Bar, which provides the top-level navigation when Snapchatters open the app. With the new update, the action bar will change contextually depending on what you are doing or watching on the app. Snap announced the first major revamp for its app in late 2017. Since then, the company has been making minor tweaks based on user feedback. Also Read – Your tweets will disappear after 24 hours just like Snapchat stories

After a few setbacks, Snapchat is finally at a place where the app can be said to have reached parity in terms of features. Now, Snapchat is showing the world its ability to tweak features on the fly. The first such change can be seen in the form of an Action Bar. The current set icons – Discover and Chat – are being replaced with an expanded action bar that includes options such as Places, Chat, Camera, Stories and Discover. Also Read – Instagram may soon introduce Snapchat-like disappearing text messages

Snapchat gets minor refresh at Partner Summit

As far as the Snapchat update goes, this is arguably the smallest update coming to the app. However, the ease of navigation is right at the forefront. This minor change could lead to Snapchatters engaging more with Places and tap on that camera button more often. Snap is also adding Places to the Snap Map so users can easily find the spots that are popular with the community. Snap Map is a personal map that shows what your friends are up to and is used by 200 million Snapchatters every month. Also Read – Snapchat introduces two new AR lenses that turn floor into lava or water

The company says it is adding millions of listings for businesses around the world. The Place Profile includes Snaps from the location, the address, hours of operation and reviews from TripAdvisor and Foursquare. Places are rolling out today on Android and iOS and in the US, Snapchatters will soon be able to order food through Postmates, DoorDash and UberEats with a single tap.

At Snap Partner Summit, we are also seeing the introduction of Topics, a new way to share Snaps on the platform. Snapchatters can now use a Topic sticker or submit their snap to a community topic like “Life Hacks” or “Oddly Satisfying”. Snapchatters share more than three million Snaps per day to Our Story, according to the company. With the new feature, it is making it easier to see these Snaps on the basis of topics you care about the most.

Another change being announced is the option to communicate with the Snap Stars you follow on the platform. With Story Replies, Snapchatters can directly reply to the Snap Stars that they follow. Snap Stars can then turn those Story Replies into stickers and add them to their Stories. Unlike Facebook, Snap has focused on engagement as a key metric for the platform. This could become the next big driver for time spent on the application.

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