Smart speakers with Alexa in the test

S.Since 2015, smart speakers have made their users’ lives easier. Commands like “Alexa, play Ed Sheeran.” “Alexa, how will the weather be tomorrow?” or “Alexa, turn off the floor lamp in the living room” echoes through more and more German households. The smart assistant Amazon Alexa obeys and plays music, reads information and messages and controls all kinds of smart home devices. Initially, Alexa was only built into Amazon’s echo boxes, but it is now found in more and more speakers from other manufacturers. COMPUTER BILD shows in a large test whether they are better than the original.


The best smart speakers with Alexa

How much does an Alexa speaker cost?

Can Bluetooth speakers be connected to an Alexa box?

Each Bluetooth box is to be paired with Alexa speakers that are equipped with Bluetooth for audio playback. These include the Echo models, which send music wirelessly throughout. The user calls the pairing mode via the Alexa app (for iOS and Android) on. If a Bluetooth speaker has already been connected to an Alexa box, the voice command “Alexa, connect Bluetooth” is sufficient for a new pairing. The user then disconnects with the instruction “Alexa, disconnect”. A decent Bluetooth box like the JBL Flip 5, which sounds at least better than an Echo Dot, costs 90 euros. It is up to the music fan whether the extra charge is worth it, or whether he would rather go for a better sounding model.

Multiroom: Connect Alexa to several boxes

Amazon Echo: The Alexa family has these skills

The smallest Alexa speaker: Echo Dot with clock

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Optical display of temperature, time, timer and volume
  • Good voice control
  • Stereo output (3.5 mm jack)
  • Sounded a little unbalanced
  • Significantly more expensive than the previous model
  • So far only available in one color

The best Alexa speaker: Amazon Echo Studio

  • Reliable voice control
  • Good sound, high volume
  • Smarthome and Fire TV can be linked
  • A bit bass heavy
  • Automatic calibration sluggish
  • Few connections

Echo Show 8: Alexa speaker with display

  • Easy to set up, good service
  • Good display with touch function
  • Lockable camera
  • Sounded a bit cool and bass-heavy
  • Few connections

Two in one: Sonos Move

  • good sound
  • Automatic calibration
  • Two language assistants
  • Upper bass partly too loud
  • Very few connections
  • Operation on the device is not self-explanatory

Alexa rocks: Marshall Uxbridge Voice

  • Powerful bass
  • Easy setup
  • Good sound adjustment
  • Voices a little occupied
  • Microphones a bit insensitive
  • No connections

Conclusion: which is the best Alexa speaker?

Does it have to be a real echo? Not necessarily: Sonos Move, Marshall Uxbridge Voice and the Bose Home Speaker convince with great sound and many streaming services – they appeal to music lovers in particular. But Amazon can do that too – with the Echo Studio. Anyway, Amazon secures the top spots, for example with the Echo plus and the Echo show-Devices. The Amazon boxes owe this to the many Alexa functions, the built-in smart home bridge or the chic color displays. Of the Echo Flex is a price-performance tip for everyone who wants to take their first steps in the smart home world. The inexpensive entry-level device is not necessarily suitable for sound reinforcement, but it offers all Alexa functions.

* The cheapest price may now be higher.

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