SkyQ: More Bundesliga games in UHD

Sky Q is getting even better: Among other things, the pay-TV channel wants to improve voice control.

Pay tv channel sky shows about his Sky-Q offer in the Bundesliga package loud Media report A whopping 68 games in Ultra HD resolution in the 2020/21 season. That is twice as many games as last season. As usual, the top game comes on Saturday evening in ultra-sharp resolution. There is also another duel per game day. Nice: In addition to UHD, Sky is also showing the games for the first time in High Dynamic Range, i.e. with more contrast and colors. However, football fans need a UHD and HDR-capable television and Sky Q with a UHD option.

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Sky Q: What did I miss?

For the first time in the history of the station, Sky also shows all 34 Monday games of the 2nd Bundesliga. The new “What did I miss?” Function creates a particular annoyance. Anyone who cannot see the goal of their favorite team because they had to provide a fresh supply of beer or was just throwing the cold cup drink in the toilet can use it to recall key moments of the game such as goals, free kicks and scoring opportunities at the push of a button. Nice: Thanks to the picture-in-picture function, football fans never lose sight of the current game. When the scene is over, Sky automatically switches back to live full-screen mode. Anyone who can do as little with football as a stadium visitor with vegan bratwurst will be happy about the improved voice control. In addition to channels, apps, series, films and actors, users can now order the Sky-Q receiver to search for topics and genres.

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