Shocking! Anonymous man buys liquor of Rs 52.8k, shares bill on WhatsApp, Karnataka excise dept books seller

As the government announced that the liquor shops will be opened from Monday, a huge crowd gathered outside the shops to buy the alcohol, which resulted in chaotic scenes across the country. Several videos and photos have surfaced which showed that long queues outside the shops and violation of social distancing guidelines.

Amid all such chaos, a liquor bill of Rs 52,800 was shared on WhatsApp across India which has created a stir on social media.

However, the billing picture has also brought trouble for both buyer and the seller.

The Karnataka excise department has booked the seller for breaking the guidelines of the permissible limit. According to the rules, no retail liquor outlet can sell more than 2.6 liters of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) or 18 liters of beer to a customer per day.

But, the bill that went viral showed that the anonymous man has purchased 13.5 liters of liquor and 35 liters of beer due to which the seller has been booked by the department.

The shop of the retailer is located at Vanilla Spirit Zone in Tavarekere in Bengaluru South, who has been booked by the excise department.

Meanwhile, the man who shared the bill on WhatsApp is still unidentified. However, the Karnataka excise department will file a case against the buyer too, because he also violated the rule by carrying over 2.6 litres of any category of liquor.

On the other hand, the shop owner claimed that the liquor was purchased by a group of eight people, but the payment was done by a single card.

“We are investigating his (the owner) claim and only then we will decide on what penal action to be taken against him,” said A Giri, excise DC, Bengaluru South.

Meanwhile, the department is looking for more such cases as many other buyers have also posted similar bills on social media. Recently, a man from Mangaluru also shared a bill of Rs 59,952.

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