SGDQ2020 Starts Today; Games Done Quick Is our Streamer of the Month

More people than ever before are broadcasting their gameplay, showing off their hobbies, and polishing their conversation skills by interacting with millions of people from all over the world. But with so many streamers, gamers, and content creators sharing their stories on the Internet, it starts to feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you follow? Who’s doing something unique, interesting, and meaningful on all of the many streaming platforms?

That’s where Collider’s Streamer of the Month comes in! In this new series, we aim to highlight streamers from all walks of life and all over the world in order to bring your attention to folks you might otherwise have missed. Up-and-coming gamers, innovators, and trailblazers will be featured here, but let us know if there’s someone out there we should be watching. Who knows, you might just see them featured here in the future!

Our first “Streamer of the Month” was @DeejayKnight, a Twitch partner and stage/show host with a passion for all things S.T.E.A.M. and a positive approach to life. The spirit of that Twitch spotlight continued with last month’s spotlight, the modern day Bob Ross / The Joy of Painting that is Dave Bull‘s @JapanesePrintmaking. But August brings us a streamer of a different sort, a group effort rather than a solo channel which brings entertaining speedruns of games new and old to viewers around the world, all while raising money for worthwhile and life-saving charities.


Image via Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick has been holding twice-annual in-person speedrun events for years now, but 2020 threw a wrench into those works as it has so many other plans. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 , a.k.a. SGDQ 2020, opted to go all-online in light of continuing coronavirus concerns. But unlike many other organizations, GDQ was primed and ready for such a challenge since the Twitch channel has been streaming one-off speedruns on a nearly daily basis, reaching out to speedrunners who get to show off their skills from the safety and comfort on their own home. Now, the upcoming SGDQ 2020 will be much the same, just on a bigger scale and for a sustained week of 24/7 programming, all with charitable intent.

While GDQ is entertaining enough on its own — you can check out the schedule of when your favorite runners will be speeding through your favorite games here — the real mission here is to raise money for charities like Doctors Without Borders. And you can do so in a variety of ways: “All donations are made directly to Doctors Without Borders. GDQ’s August 2020 revenue from Twitch Subs and Bits, after taxes, will be donated to Doctors Without Borders!” But you can also get some swag for yourself! During the 148 speedruns, there are some 135 prizes available, which you can donate towards with the hopes of winning (but you’ll be helping charity either way, so win / win). If you want some guaranteed swag, be sure to head over to the event’s sponsor pages to get sweet gear from both FanGamer and The Yetee; money from select SGDQ 2020 purchases will go towards Doctors Without Borders!


Image via FanGamer


Image via The Yetee

GDQ does a fantastic job at raising awareness for both the speedrunning community and those in need of services like Doctors Without Borders. However, their twice-a-year events are but two of the major fundraisers the channel holds. You can support these charities year-round by also supporting GDQ’s ongoing Twitch channel, which is there to entertain you in between the week-long speedrunning marathons. All of these are reasons why GDQ is August 2020’s Streamer of the Month! Check them out today, starting at 11:30am ET and (speed)running through the early hours of Sunday, August 23rd!

About Doctors Without Borders:

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian aid organization that works in over 70 countries around the world, providing lifesaving medical humanitarian care and speaking out about what they see in those areas. Their work aids people based solely on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. MSF is committed to safeguarding their patients’ right to autonomy, confidentiality, and informed consent. 90% of their staff is national, meaning they live locally and are from the country that they work in. MSF relies mainly on the generosity of individual donors, with over 90 percent of MSF’s income coming from private donors giving small amounts.


To learn more about Doctors Without Borders, visit

About Games Done Quick:

Games Done Quick is a charity fundraising organization that raises money for charity via speedrunning. Volunteers play games at incredible speed (“Speedrunning”) for entertainment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. Games Done Quick events feature runners playing games from every generation of gaming history! They play their games live, and explain in detail the many tricks and glitches they use to get the fastest times.


During our events, be sure to take a look at the various donation incentives, which can include additional challenges, new content, and even quirky things like naming in-game characters! Be sure to take a look at the list while you’re filling out your donation.

Marathon Tracker:

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