Serious computer problems in Berlin courts

Serious computer problems have been causing problems for several Berlin courts since last week. The screen of almost all computers of the regional court, the local court and the higher court freezes again and again. Network connections are also interrupted. Around 40 experts from the IT Service Center Berlin (ITDZ) are working to resolve the problems, the justice administration said on Wednesday. RBB and the Tagesspiegel had previously reported.

“A solution team examines possible causes, such as the effects of a security update in the past week, and coordinates all measures,” said a spokeswoman for the ITDZ. “There are no indications of a hacker attack.” Alternative technical solutions have ensured that court hearings can take place and that important key functions such as keeping the protocol work.

“The error is of course problematic for regular work processes,” said a spokesman for the justice administration. “We hope that the problems can be resolved quickly.” The judiciary as a whole is still able to work, he added.

Last year, an Emotet attack paralyzed the computers of the Berlin Court of Appeal. The impact of the attack, discovered on September 25, 2019, was considerable; the work there was carried out in an emergency operation for months. 500 computers had to be replaced.


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