Security updates: Several dangerous holes in Chrome have been fixed

If you surf on Linux, macOS or Windows with Chrome, you should update your browser for security reasons. If this does not happen, attackers could target systems and perhaps even execute malicious code.

In a warning message As usual, there is only little information about the weak points and possible attack scenarios. This is Google’s tactic to reveal as few details as possible to potential attackers, so that users have more time to update the browser.

According to their own statements, the developers have taken care of 37 security problems in total. There are several gaps with the threat level “high“classified.

The scant information shows that attackers could provoke memory errors after successful attacks. This usually leads to a crash (DoS). With more effort, attackers could often even execute malicious code in such cases and thus take full control.

The Chrome version 90.0.4430.72 is protected against such attacks. In this issue, the developers not only closed security gaps, but also tweaked functions. The browser now prefers HTTPS connections.


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