School digital: Without a master plan, but with progress

The digitization of education has been called for for years, but the coronavirus pandemic has given this requirement a whole new level of urgency. So that children are not dependent on how fit their parents, school administrators and teachers are, framework conditions must be created that enable the greatest possible participation.

How should digitization be implemented in our schools? How has it gone so far? This is what our series of articles would like to illuminate.

Digitization is not just the transfer of lessons into a virtual space. Even just providing the right hardware is not enough. As a new catchphrase, at least more and more people are hearing about digitality. What is meant by this is an entanglement of the digital and a materiality. Analog realities are not being replaced by a digital life, they have to go hand in hand or are even one. Pedagogy and technology need coordination in order to achieve the overarching goal, which has not changed for decades: the education of the students.

However, there is no sophisticated master plan that ranges from the equipment to the content and the teaching materials used. After all – according to a new study, 85 percent of the households surveyed with school-age children stated that digital lessons or exchanges with teachers took place during the corona pandemic.

Willing teachers are already trying it out. Bob Blume, who also runs a blog on the subject, tells us about this in our series of articles “School digital”. In some federal states there is resistance to given software from well-known US companies – not least because it involves extremely sensitive data. We also shed light on that. Educational scientist Jöran Muuß-Merholz put his visions of a school on (digital) paper in a few decades. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mayrberger conducts research at the University of Hamburg on the topics of digital transformation and higher education. She presents an agile approach and warns: learning remains learning. The technology doesn’t change that either.

The texts will appear on a weekly basis every Friday.


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