Ryan Reynolds Opens Free Streaming Service

Ryan Reynolds, who founded his own technology company in the USA, added a new one to its broadcast services, whose number has increased recently. The platform is free and contains only one movie.

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool movies, is also the founder and investor of various companies. The famous actor also owns the telephone operator called Mint Mobile and often advertises the company.

Raynolds, referring to the broadcast services that have increased in number recently, announced its own broadcast services in a post on Twitter. There is only one movie available to those who use this free service.

One-movie giant platform

“Every technology company needs a broadcast service. That’s why… I’m promoting Mint Mobile +. World’s most affordable paid streaming service! ”

Announcing Mint Mobile +, Reynolds invites fans to “watch Ryan Reynolds for 80 minutes”, with 2003 DVD quality. Moreover, the famous actor is not kidding, at least not completely kidding.

Visitors to mintmobileplus.com can watch the 2003 film Foolproof. The production, which is not very popular and we cannot say that the critics liked it, stands out as a comedy-crime movie. Reynolds is also starring, of course.

Reynolds had recently delayed many of his projects due to the pandemic. If the fans of the famous actor have not watched this movie at least, they are now aware and have an opportunity to watch the production. The next movie of the actor to be screened in theaters is Free Guy, which is expected to be in theaters on December 11th.

Reynolds and Mint have been on the agenda before

Reynolds, who knows how to set the agenda, had previously sent a voicemail to the customers of the operator at the beginning of the pandemic process and stated that they would not collect invoices during the period when curfews were imposed.

Reynolds, who also has an alcoholic beverage company owned by him in addition to the technology company, drew attention by using an 84-year-old woman born on February 29th in his advertisement because he was “legally drinking age”.

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