RM ranks as the best K-Pop leader and surpasses Suho

Singer RM of the K-Pop group BTS has proclaimed himself the best leader of a South Korean group.

It is well known that, although there are already many K-pop bands that have managed to dominate the world with their charm, and their impressive talent such as EXO, BLANKPINK or TWICE, none have achieved as many records, as BTS, who so far lead all the popularity charts.

RM is a born leader, and has managed to take the boyband to international programs where they managed to become known, because he is the member of that group who speaks English best, in addition to his charisma and tenderness that makes us have fun for him.

Recently, the King Chorice portal carried out a survey where it puts the leaders of different South Korean bands to compete, to find out who is the best, and without a doubt the one who is winning is Rap Monster, who has ranked first with more than 5 million 400 thousand votes.

But not everything is good news, since although he is winning up to now, the reality is that the competition is very close, since for less than 300 thousand votes he is followed by Suho from the band EXO, who could take away the first place to the interpreter of “Boy with Luv”.

What other K-Pop leaders appear in the Ranking?

As we already mentioned, this poll puts several group leaders to compete, and while BTS is now winning, in the competition are also TWICE’s Jihyo, ASTRO’s JinJIn, Stray Kids Bang Chan, Seventeen’s S Coups, CLC’s Seungyeon , Shinee’s Onew, Got 17’s JB, among others.

ARMY has shown that no matter what the competition is, they will always be willing to support RM and any of the BTS members, and thus they have led them to win the competition thus far. Do you think RM is the best leader of a K-pop band?

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