Report: Facebook takes crisis precautions for US election

According to a newspaper report, Facebook is working on precautions in the event that US President Donald Trump disregards the results of the November election on the platform. The New York Times wrote on Friday, citing informed people, that Trump could falsely announce that he had been elected for another four years.

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The online network is also considering how it would react if Trump should try to invalidate the results of the November 3rd election – for example because the post office lost ballot papers sent by post. Trump always warns of an allegedly drastically higher risk of falsification in postal votes and repeatedly left it open whether he would recognize the election result.

Facebook said of the report on Friday: “We continue to plan for a number of scenarios to ensure that we are prepared for the upcoming election.” The online network was misused in the 2016 US presidential election campaign for propaganda campaigns from Russia. Since then, Facebook has implemented various measures for transparency in political advertising.

At the same time, the platform is criticized for keeping statements by politicians out of its fact-checking program. One of the ideas discussed on Facebook was an “emergency stop switch” for any advertising on political issues, because it could spread false information, wrote the New York Times.


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