Rajasthan: Temperature to soar 47 degrees Celsius in Churu: IMD

Rajasthan’s Churu region to hit 47 degrees Celsius a day before ‘Nautapa’, the nine hottest days of the season on Sunday, predicts India Metrological Department.

Despite the relaxation of market opening in the fourth phase of nationwide Lockdown, the busy Dharmastupa area remained silent during the day. The day-long heatstroke made it difficult to come out on the streets in the afternoon.

Whereas people were seen wearing hats and hand socks as the temperature reached 46 degrees Celsius in Bikaner.

IMD has predicted and issued a heatwave warning in the western and eastern regions of Rajasthan for the next 3 days. It has further predicted that the temperature to oscillate between 46 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius in the next 3 days.

Due to the extreme rise and fall in temperature in Churu: in winters, the temperature goes to minus, while in summer, the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. 


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