Rafale fighter jets induction ceremony live updates news in indian air force Rajnath Singh Florence Parly Cds Rawat Rks Bhadauria – Rafale induction live updates: Rafale, Rajnath join the air force

Rafael given water salute at Ambala airbase
– Photo: ANI

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Today, five Rafale fighter jets were formally inducted into the Air Force at Ambala airbase amidst the ongoing deadlock at the border in India and China. Now it’s flypast’s turn. The program is attended by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and French Defense Minister Florence Perley, along with Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Air Staff RKS Bhadoria. The aircraft will be duly inducted into the 17th Squadron of the Air Force. Read updates related to it here-

live update

11:28 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh addressed

Defense Minister Rajna Singh is addressing the Rafale Induction Ceremony. He said that Rafale’s joining the Air Force is a historic moment. On this occasion, I congratulate all the countrymen including our Arms Forces. We both have understood each other. There is a strategic partnership between India and France which is strengthening over time. Our faith in strong democracy and the desire for peace in the whole world are the basis of our mutual relations. This induction is important at a time when there is an atmosphere of tension on our borders in recent times.

11:28 AM, 10-Sep-2020

RKS Bhadoria addressed

Air Chief Marshal Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadoria addressed the Rafale Induction Ceremony.

11:25 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Able to carry one and a half times the weight

  • The Rafale aircraft is capable of landing in an area of ​​450 meters.
  • It is the only jet capable of carrying payloads one and a half times its weight.
  • The unarmed Rafale weighs 11 tons.
  • Rafale is capable of carrying bombs, missiles and fuel weighing 16 tonnes.

11:20 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Tejas did flypast

Tejas, an indigenous light fighter aircraft, flew past the Ambala airbase during the Rafale induction ceremony.

11:13 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael gets water salute

Five Rafale fighter jets were given a water salute at Ambala airbase.

11:09 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael can take a photo from the sky to a cricket ball

The speed of the Rafale aircraft is 2130 km per hour, ie twice the speed of sound. It is also capable of nuclear attack. Multi-directional radar mounted on Rafale’s nose can carry more than 40 targets in the range of 100 km. A ton of camera installed in it is so powerful that even a cricket ball lying on the ground can take a photo.

11:06 AM, 10-Sep-2020

All religion prayer for Rafael

As a part of the Indian Air Force process, gurus of all religions worshiped at the Ambala airbase. Thereafter duly inducted Raphael into the force. During this, prayers were also sought for the well being of the soldiers.

11:00 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafale aircraft flying at low speed

Rafale fighter aircraft flying at low speed during the flypast at the Indian Air Force airbase in Ambala.

10:55 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rajnath and Florence saw Rafale’s flypast

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and France Defense Minister Florence Perley witnessed the flypast of Rafale fighter jets.

10:52 AM, 10-Sep-2020

French company gave training to Indian pilots to fly Rafale

Indian Air Force pilots have been specially trained to fly Rafale jets. The French company is training Indian pilots in several groups. In 2018, a fighter pilot, an engineer and four technical experts were selected in the first group for this special training.

10:45 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael joins Air Force

The Rafale fighter aircraft has been inducted into the Indian Air Force. After the Sarvadharma prayer it is now the turn of the flypast.

10:38 AM, 10-Sep-2020

All religion prayer ended

The ‘Sarva Dharma Prayer’ for the Rafale Induction Ceremony at Ambala’s Air Force Airbase is over. During this time Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, French Defense Minister Florence Perley and Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria were present.

10:34 AM, 10-Sep-2020

So rafael is important

  • The Air Force chose Rafael after a long test. Actually Rafale aircraft was not the only option for the Indian government.
  • Many international aircraft manufacturers had offered from the Indian Air Force for this deal. Of these, six large airline companies were selected.
  • These included Lockhead Martin’s F-16, Boeing F / A-18S, Eurofighter Typhoon, Russia’s MiG-35, Sweden’s Saab’s Gripen and Rafael. They were selected on the basis of testing and price.
  • Advanced in technology, the aircraft is capable of carrying out air surveillance, ground support, in-depth strikes, anti-sharp strikes and nuclear operations. It has multi-mode radar.

10:31 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rajnath becomes witness to all religion

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and French Defense Minister Florence Perley are offering ‘Sarvadharma Prayer’ at the Rafale Induction Ceremony at Ambala Airbase.

10:28 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Two engine fighter

  • The Rafale aircraft is a two-engine fighter aircraft made by the Dassault company of France. It is capable of playing an important role in wartime.
  • Air raid, ground support, air supremacy, heavy attack and nuclear deterrence are the characteristics of Rafale aircraft.

10:24 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael will give a befitting reply to the nefarious activities of China and Pakistan

Rafael will increase India’s strength to give a befitting reply to China’s manipulations on the LAC and Pakistan’s nefarious antics on the LoC. It is believed that they may be deployed along the China border next week.

10:12 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Raphael’s responsibility on Golden Arrow’s shoulders

Rafael has responsibility on the shoulders of the Golden Squadron, a 17-year-old squadron of the Air Force and who played an important role in the Indo-Pak war. This squadron was disbanded. But now it has been revived for Rafael.

10:09 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael deal was done four years ago

About four years ago, India had signed a deal with France to buy 36 Rafale aircraft for Rs 59,000 crore. ‘Sarva Dharma Prayer’ will be performed in Rafael Induction Ceremony.

10:05 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Dhruv helicopters will perform tricks to welcome Rafael

The roar of Tejas will also be heard in the Rafael Induction Ceremony. In addition, the group of Dhruv helicopters of ‘Sarang Aerobatic Team’ will perform to welcome Rafael. Tejas and Dhruva are designed in India only. Tejas is used by the Air Force as well as the Navy.

10:03 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafael reached Ambala station on July 27

The fighter aircraft Rafael reached the Ambala Air Force Station on 27 July. But on Thursday, they will be formally inducted into the Air Force at Ambala Air Force Station. In the Rafale Induction Ceremony, the world will see ‘Our’ strength along with the Made in France Rafale in the sky.

09:59 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rajnath-Parli left for Ambala

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has left for Ambala along with French Defense Minister Florence Perley.

09:55 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Parley gets guard of honor

French Defense Minister Florence Perley was given a formal guard of honor upon reaching Delhi. She will participate in the program to be included in Rafale’s Indian Air Force in Ambala.

09:52 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rajnath met French Defense Minister

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met French Defense Minister Florence Perley at Palam Air Force Station before leaving for Ambala. This information is given by the Defense Minister’s Office.

09:46 AM, 10-Sep-2020

French Defense Minister Florence Perley arrives at Palam Airport in Delhi. She is the chief guest of the Rafale ceremony to be attended by Air Force Airbase in Ambala today.

09:39 AM, 10-Sep-2020

Rafale joins the Air Force, Rajnath said – this induction is important amid tension on the border

Five Rafale fighter jets will be formally inducted into the Indian Air Force at Ambala Air Base on Thursday amid ongoing dispute with China over the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, his French counterpart Florence Perley, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS S Bhadoria and Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar will be present in the formal unveiling program. Air Force spokesman Wing Commander Indranil Nandi said Rafael would be given a water salute before being inducted into the force’s 17th squadron.

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