Radioactive radon: affordable radiation meters now at tink

You smell, taste and don’t see it. But it is radioactive and very dangerous in high concentrations. We’re talking about radon. The gas is created when naturally occurring uranium decays in the soil and occurs generally everywhere in Germany. Because of its low concentration, it is not dangerous outdoors. In contrast, it can accumulate indoors and have a carcinogenic effect over a longer period of time. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) expects 2,000 deaths per year in Germany due to excessive radon exposure. For non-smokers, it is probably the most common cause of lung cancer, said Bernd Hoffmann from the BfS Wirtschaftswoche.

Where radon pollution is highest

The gas seeps into the interior of buildings primarily through cracks in the floor and – in the case of rooms that are below the surface of the earth – in the walls and pipes. Basement rooms are particularly susceptible, as can the ground floor. Concentration usually decreases on higher floors. How intense the radon exposure is also depends heavily on where you live. The Radon map of the BfS gives more detailed information on the extent to which the districts and urban districts are affected. But if you want to know exactly, you have to measure yourself on site!

Measure radon and air quality with Airthings Wave

This works reliably with the intelligent radon monitors from Airthings. This allows you to monitor the values ​​over a longer period of time to see whether and how you and your family are exposed to this dangerous gas. In addition, the smart measuring devices offer additional sensors to measure the air quality. These include, for example, CO2 pollution, air humidity and temperature, air pressure and so-called airborne chemicals. The latter evaporate from everyday products in our environment and can trigger asthma, for example.

Airthings: cheap air quality monitors at tink

Airthings has three smart devices for measuring indoor air quality in its range, each of which offers a different range of functions (see below). The three Airthings Wave models are available in the tink online shop – either individually, in a double pack or with a hub – currently at a huge discount. With the hub, you can read the measured values ​​of the wave not only at home in your home WiFi, but also when you are out and about via cellular network on your smartphone. Even better: with that exclusive Coupon Code CB25that you enter at the checkout, you can reduce the price by up to 39 percent. With this you buy the articles exclusively at a low price.

Airthings Wave Mini

Sensors: mold risk / humidity / temperature / airborne chemicals (VOC)

Airthings Wave Mini for 48.75 instead of 79 euros

Airthings Wave Mini (2-pack) for 93.71 instead of 154 euros

Airthings Wave Mini (2-pack) + hub for 149.96 instead of 233 euros

Airthings Wave

Sensors: radon / humidity / temperature

Airthings Wave for 134.25 instead of 199 euros

Airthings Wave (2-pack) for 254.96 instead of 388 euros

Airthings Wave (2-pack) + hub for 299.96 instead of 467 euros

Airthings Wave Plus

Sensors: radon / carbon dioxide (CO2) / humidity / temperature / airborne chemicals (VOC) / air pressure

Airthings Wave Plus for 171.75 instead of 269 euros

Airthings Wave Plus (2-pack) for 337.46 instead of 524 euros

Airthings Wave Plus (2-pack) + hub for 389.96 instead of 603 euros

Remember the exclusive code CB25 at the checkout to buy Airthings sensors at tink at an absolutely low price. The offer is valid up to and including May 24, 2021.

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