PUBG Mobile then vs Battlegrounds Mobile India now: What has changed? 

If you have spent the last three years growing up in the virtual realms of Erangel or Miramar, this would be a good week for you. After staying banned for many months, Krafton has brought back PUBG Mobile to India in the guise of Battlegrounds Mobile India. We had a look at the game as soon as it came out and there’s no other way to describe it other than a rebadged PUBG Mobile. There are minor changes for the sake of change.  Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India beta now available for everyone: How to download

And that brings us to the question: how much has the game changed from the very first release of PUBG Mobile back in early 2018? If you go point by point, there are over a hundred changes since the original version, including the season updates as well as special skins. However, we are looking at the big overall changes that Krafton has made to the game over the years, including those after the ban.  Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile global: 5 differences you will find

PUBG Mobile then vs Battlegrounds Mobile India now 

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More game modes 

The original PUBG Mobile debuted with just one map and three game modes. Erangel was the only map present in the original and the three game modes used several variations of it cleverly. Quick Match used the Blue circle to its advantage while the sniper match left players with sniper rifles.  

Fast forward to today and Battlegrounds Mobile India features 4-5 maps and close to a dozen gameplay modes. You can jump off helicopters, play deathmatches and even train yourself with all the weapons.  

Better graphics 

Battlegrounds Mobile India

This has happened mostly over the last year. PUBG Mobile debuted with graphics that compared it to older PC games like CS:GO and Call of Duty 2. However, Krafton introduced high-quality textures to the game last year with the High Graphics resources pack, improving the look and feel of the water as well as lighting. Those same improvements have been carried over to Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Complex menus 

A quick trip down the menus of Battlegrounds Mobile India could actually make you shut the game and look elsewhere. There are over a hundred menus and thousands of options (figuratively speaking) that one needs to go through before changing the shirt on your character or choosing a new loadout.  

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Back when it all started, PUBG Mobile had easier menus to navigate. The options were fewer and all players had easy access to all maps as well as game modes. All the game settings were easy to approach.  

Better privacy practices 

This has been the result of the ban that the Indian government implemented last year. While Tencent’s PUBG Mobile remained secretive of its intentions, Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is more transparent about its data keeping practices. Every time Krafton has to move your data outside India, it will notify you of the same. The game will now also take time to remind you of breaks in between matches. 

Drifting away from realism 

Battlegrounds Mobile India

This is where we feel the biggest harm has been done. What separated PUBG Mobile from Fortnite back in 2018 was its approach to battle royale in the most authentic and brutal ways. The game brought in crude realism effects from PC shooters of the era and that certainly enhanced its appeal among mobile gamers.  

Over the years, Krafton started lifting off features from rival shooter games and the resultant game takes away from that raw realism that PUBG Mobile introduced. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the brutal yet realistic effects of blood and dead bodies have given way to players vanishing, leaving behind Tusli leaves flying. The multiple CODM inspired modes have brought in too many elements for sake of adding action. There are helicopters, car racing, emotes, training, and more of such extra stuff that not many wanted. The game focuses on selling more skins and weapons instead of improving the core experience.  

These are some of the changes that we have noticed over the years. Do you have a contribution to make to this list?  

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