PS5 owners get six months subscription free of cost

PS5 owners will now be able to get free six months access to Apple TV Plus streaming service worldwide. Sony and Apple have collaborated for the exclusive deal. The free trial of the streaming platform can be availed by both existing as well as new/upcoming PS5 owners. Users get full one year to avail the free service at any point in time. Also Read – This photo shot with iPhone X by an Indian wins iPhone Photography Awards

This isn’t the first time that Apple has expanded its video streaming platform to. The Cupertino tech giant recently introduced Apple TV Plus streaming service to Android TV and now following it with PS5 platform. Know all about the Sony-Apple collaboration here. Also Read – Top Apple gadgets, accessories for less than Rs 15,000 for Apple fans

Apple TV Plus free trial for PS5

Starting July 23, anyone and everyone who owns a PS5 gaming console will be eligible to get free six months of Apple TV Plus subscription. The free trial is available for existing PS5 owners and also for the ones who plan to buy the gaming console as soon as the next restock happens. Sony and Apple have got along for the free trial of TV Plus streaming service and the aim is to get more and more new users into the ecosystem. Also Read – 5G on iPhone SE? We are fine, as long as Apple upgrades the basics to 2022 spec

Image credit: Apple

Apple TV Plus service is primarily available free of cost for one full year with new Apple devices. Announced not so long ago, Apple TV Plus is one of the many top streaming services available in the country. The Apple TV Plus stands out from other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sony LIV, among others, on the grounds that it only offers original content to its users. Apple TV Plus does not offer pre-produced, distributed content from various production houses, and more.

How to get free Apple TV Plus

If you are an existing Apple TV Plus user, you will still be able to get access to free trial. Existing users can grab the Apple TV Plus deal and start paying again once the offer ends. In India, Apple TV Plus comes at a price of Rs 99/month. To avail the offer, users will simply need to download Apple TV Plus app on their PS5 console and login with their Apple ID.

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