PS4 firmware 8.52: Update available now

The PlayStation 4 is more than seven years old, and Sony still cherishes and maintains the firmware. Version 8.50 brought interesting innovations to the bag in mid-April 2021 – since then, owners have been playing brand new PS5 games on the old console thanks to the expanded share-play function, among other things. Now Sony is donating another update to the PS4 with firmware 8.52 – are there fresh features again?

PlayStation 4: What does firmware 8.52 bring?

The manufacturer gives details on how to upgrade to a Support page – they sound sobering: “This system software update improves system performance.” So the patch does not bring any new functions. The Japanese company does not provide any specific details about the improvements. Meanwhile, users want to have discovered changes online. So the patch decreases loudly Media report the loading times in the user interface and in the PlayStation Store.

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If you want to install the firmware update 8.52, just turn on the PS4. If the console is connected to the Internet, the update occurs automatically as soon as you connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

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