PS Plus: Big free bonus in November 2021

Since the invention of moving images, industry has been working on a technology that creates space and brings depth: 3D. The first test films were made in Germany as early as 1937. But the big breakthrough in technology did not materialize in the following decades. The trend flared up briefly at the beginning of the 2010s – shutter glasses allowed excursions into three-dimensional worlds on numerous flat-screen televisions. But the technology did not catch on. Virtual reality glasses, of which numerous models are now on the market, should ensure a better feeling of being right in the middle of it all. On October 13, 2016, for example, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) was released – the Japanese group is celebrating its five-year anniversary loudly Blog post with a special announcement for PS Plus subscribers. They will receive five additional games for free in November 2021!

PS Plus: Which VR titles are there in November?

The catch at the moment: The company leaves it open which games are involved. The Japanese are not likely to let the cat out of the bag until the end of the month, presumably on the evening of October 27, 2021. However, it is clear when the titles will be available to customers: Sony usually follows the renewal of the PlayStation Plus range a fixed scheme: always on the first Tuesday of the month, the manufacturer swaps the free games from the previous month for the current ones. So you download the fresh titles from November 2nd to December 6th, 2021. Since Sony usually gets at least two games for free and the VR free games are a bonus, customers will dust off at least seven titles for free in November 2021!

PSVR: Review and Outlook

In addition to the campaign, Sony has published all sorts of statistics about PlayStation VR – for example the most popular VR games worldwide by hours of play:

  1. “Rec Room”
  2. “Beat Saber”
  3. “PlayStation VR Worlds”
  4. “The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim VR”
  5. “Resident Evil 7”
So far, the group has sold more than five million virtual reality glasses. A success that one would like to continue on the PlayStation 5: At the beginning of 2021, the group announced the PSVR 2, whose screens should score with a higher resolution, among other things. The input devices have also been screwed: The new controllers have, among other things, haptic feedback that adapts to the content in the game. A hike should feel very different from an intense fist fight. Almost like in real life.

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PS Plus: How to get the download

Would you like to start the download but don’t know where? No problem! The current free games for PS Plus subscribers can be found in the PlayStation Store. All available free games are listed under the tab for the plus service. Alternatively, trigger the download via the browser of your PC or smartphone: Visit the PlayStation Store website and log in with your PlayStation account. The current games can be found under the PS Plus tab. By clicking on the download, the titles will land on your console as soon as it is connected to the Internet again. By the way: In order to secure a PlayStation Plus game, you do not necessarily have to download it immediately, but complete the purchase process (for euros!). Once the game is in your collection, start the download at any time.

PS Plus: What are the advantages of the service?

A PlayStation Plus subscription costs either 60 euros per year or 8.99 euros per month. In return, you get a lot: In addition to the free games, you get the opportunity to play online with PS5 and PS4 – you can’t do that without a subscription. Sony grants you access to 100 gigabytes of cloud storage space for your saved games. So you can continue to gamble with your latest save games, also on other consoles. Last but not least, PS-Plus subscribers can look forward to exclusive special offers and additional discounts on sales at irregular intervals.

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