Possible WeChat ban: majority of Chinese users would give up iPhone

The United States government is aggressively targeting Chinese companies such as Tencent (WeChat) or Bytedance (TikTok) – most recently the Trump administration wanted to force TikTok to sell its US business. The measures could also have a significant impact on Apple – especially in connection with WeChat, which is called Wēixìn in China and is used there as a platform for countless services. A new survey proves this.

Of 1.2 million people in China who use the Weibo were interviewed, up to 95 percent would switch from the iPhone to an Android device if WeChat had to disappear from the Apple devices. The financial news agency Bloomberg quotes a user from Hong Kong as saying that without WeChat the iPhone would be “electronic junk”. A corresponding ban could come into force in just over a month – although no one knows at the moment whether it will apply to the USA or worldwide.

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The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from the Taiwanese investment house TF International Securities had previously warned that the measures taken by the American government could seriously damage Apple. If the app for iPhones is no longer available, sales of Apple hardware in China would “decline significantly”. The expected annual sales figures for other Apple products from AirPods to iPads to Macs would also have to be revised down by around 15 to 25 percent in this case, according to Kuo in a report to investors last week.

At the moment, one does not seem to see the problem in the Trump administration. On a A journalist asked on the subject, the US president replied that he “doesn’t care” (“whatever”) the fears of major American companies about WeChat. It is about “doing the right thing when it comes to the security of our country”. China was “badly let down”.


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