Police rules out Bengaluru riots accused Naveen’s claim that his phone had been hacked

Forensics experts collect evidence at the riot-hit DJ Halli police station in Bengaluru | Photo: ANI

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Bengaluru: The cyber forensic team of the Bengaluru police has ruled out riot accused P. Naveen Kumar’s claim that his social media account had been hacked before posting blasphemous material about Prophet Muhammad, which triggered the violence in DG Halli and KJ Halli areas Tuesday night.

However, Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar’s Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, has now claimed an unknown person may have accessed his phone and posted the offensive message, because he is an “aspiring” politician whose residence was visited by many people.

The police investigation has found that Facebook was accessed and the message posted from Naveen’s phone, and forensic experts are now thoroughly checking his calls and messages.

“He claims there were several visitors at his home that day. He also says his phone is not password protected. We are looking at whether his claims are true. We have obtained CCTV footage from the neighbourhood and will go through it to see if there are any further clues,” a senior police officer privy to the investigation told ThePrint.

The officer said Naveen has also given them a set of names of people who visited him on the day. These people’s phone calls are being tracked.

The police also took Naveen to the riot-hit areas to recreate the situation, and have been recording statements of witnesses.

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