Police in NRW advertise training via Youtube and TikTok


The police in North Rhine-Westphalia identified short videos in social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or TikTok as the “main access point” to potential applicants. In a paper by the responsible State Office for Training, Further Education and Personnel Matters of the Police (LAFP), it says: “Based on studies, it can be stated that Instagram and Youtube are to be given priority in career orientation and use of social networks on career topics.” A company is now being sought to produce such films.

According to the tender documents, the videos should generally be 15 seconds to 2 minutes long. In exceptional cases up to 8 minutes. Play channel: the mobile phone. “The smartphone hovers above everything. All important communication offers must be suitable for mobile use. Because the prospective candidate for the police service uses this central ‘device’ to regulate his or her everyday multimedia life,” said the LAFP in the tender.

The core target group are 18 to 25 year olds. The extended target group 14 to 35 year olds. Soldiers looking for follow-up employment are particularly interesting. “This target group already showed above-average click behavior in the past,” said the state office.

The NRW police are already advertising on their own channels on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. Among other things, the radio presenter Daniel Schlipf alias “Daniel Danger” participated in a Youtube series.


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