PlayStation: Sony collects money for cross-play functionality

The crossplay function is a great thing for gamers: Friends no longer have to worry about whether they are playing on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, because the feature enables cross-platform gaming. Famous titles like “Call of Duty – Warzone” and “Fortnite” support crossplay. But that has its price in the case of the PlayStation: According to the US tech magazine “The Verge“Documents and testimonies from the Epic Games against Apple court case show how reluctantly Sony relaxed its crossplay blockade for the battle royale shooter” Fortnite “. The Japanese company is now demanding money from partners to allow it to function on the PlayStation .

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Fortnite: Sony has blocked crossplay

According to “The Verge” editor Tom Warren – who is referring to the documents – Epic Games approached Sony in 2018 to request that the crossplay function be activated. However, the group refused. Sony felt disadvantaged and saw no benefit in the cooperation. In 2019 the tide turned: Sony granted titles such as “Fortnite” and “Rocket League” to use the crossplay function. Was the greed for the disdainful Mammon the trigger for the change of heart? After all, the PlayStation manufacturer requires a cross-play fee to compensate for any loss of income. Furthermore, it is forbidden to make in-game purchases in other shops that could suppress a purchase in the PlayStation Store. Should that happen, a payment is due. In addition, developers are required to include a setting that allows players to immediately deactivate all cross-platform actions.

Epic Games: Only Sony charges a fee

Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games) has revealed that Sony is the only console manufacturer to charge a crossplay fee. Epic Games ultimately agreed to the terms to enable the functionality on the PlayStation. All of this doesn’t fit at all with Sony’s advertising promise “This is for the Players”. Let’s see if the public outrage changes anything in Sony’s behavior.

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