PlayStation 5: two companies reported console issues

The understanding by third parties that the PlayStation 5 hardware discrepancy with the Xbox Series X will cause some problems for the industry is consolidating.

Jeff Grubb, an insider in the gaming world who usually anticipates news accurately, gave an interview to a podcast in which he reported that he listens from critical developers to the way Sony provides access to the hardware of its next console. While Microsoft has set specifications for a lot of firepower, the Japanese seems to choose to work on the marketing of the PS5 SSD that should provide faster loading.

In terms of hardware, the PS5 will work dynamically with CPU and GPU frequencies, which should bring some complications for third-party producers. Devs point out that the solution adopted for dynamic hardware work from the workload, provided by AMD SmartShift, is not ideal and ends up limiting the possibilities too much.

Insider Dusk Golem, who anticipates news involving Capcom, said that PS5 limitations could lead some big games to use fake Ultra HD resolution, through checkerboarding tricks and others.

Regarding the use of 4K resolution, it is not a novelty that the PS5 may disappoint in this regard. On the occasion of the officialization of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft ended up making the mistake of confirming that Ultra HD only in Series X. Then it went back …

Still, the exclusive Spider-Man: Miles Morales will only reach 4K on the PlayStation 5 in a specific way, which in itself says a lot about what even games designed specifically for the Sony platform find in the future device …

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