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category Software Center COMPUTER BILD 08/2021
Manufacturer Franzis
Issue issue 08/2021

Please enter your activation code

With your personal activation code, you can activate this promotion and the entire benefit center for issuance 08/2021 free.

No activation code at hand?

You will find the activation code on the back of the COMPUTER BILD CD / DVD case. Or you order the ePaper from issue 08/2021 to receive a code:

S.Start the installation from the booklet CD / DVD and click on Internet. Fill the form. You will get one User ID and the Registration code to the specified email address. Copy the ID, mail address and code into the lines provided. Confirm with OK. click on to install, OK and up Continue. Then accept the agreement and click five times Continue and then on To install. After further clicks on OK and Complete enter the serial number and confirm with activate.

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